As told by Thomas O. McCurdy – Owner of Airport Road Self Storage:

The storage business started for me in 1987 when I began searching for property big enough, correctly zoned, and positioned near potential growth: on the county line near the Airport just off the main Hwy 101 (now made famous by the Twilight phenomenon) on Airport Road, the designated thoroughfare to Port Angeles from the west side of PA.  While searching this area, I noticed an old for-sale sign.  I had a Realtor friend make contact and there was no response, so I kept looking.

About 4 months later, I received a call from the owner, George Dougherty, who lived in California.  He had waited for his real estate contract to expire so he could contact me privately.  We worked out a deal for the land where he carried the contract and I made monthly payments after an initial downpayment–which I raised by borrowing money from my mother, savings, and cashing in a life insurance policy.  It was a big risk for us.

The land was part of an old farm site, the Dougherty farm, which was divided amongst his four children in 1947 when he died.  George had not had the property for many years and just wanted to sell it.  I contracted a deal with a Gypo logger to clear about an acre, establish a rough grade for the first building, and take his fees from the timber he harvested.  Once I had the land and a site prepped, I borrowed more money privately to start the first building…


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